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Opening Ceremony of the "Art for God" Artworksand Spiritual Reflections Exhibition (Macao School Tour)by Fr. Joseph Tham, L.C. held at Escola São Paulo

The opening ceremony of the "Art for God" Artworks and Spiritual Reflections Exhibition (Macao School Tour) by Fr. Joseph Tham, L.C was held on January 3, at Escola São Paulo. It was officiated by Fr. Joseph Tham, L.C., Fr. Thomas Montanaro L.C., Fr. Javier Gonzalez Izquiedo, O.P., Ms. Joni Cheng, the Office Director of the Macao Catholic Culture Association (ACCM), Fr. Athanasius Chan, O.P., the Principal of Escola São Paulo, and other teachers and students. The exhibition is organized by ACCM and co-organized by the Regina Apostolorum Foundation, Hong Kong, Limited.  The opening ceremony began with a speech by the Principal, Fr. Athanasius, followed by Fr. Joseph, who offered a guided tour of the exhibition to the guests.

Placing Fr. Joseph’s artworks within the context of traditional Chinese philosophy and Christian spirituality, the exhibition features the traditional Chinese theme of harmony between heaven, earth and humanity in Chinese calligraphy, brush painting and seal carving, revealing the glory and mysteries of God through arts.  


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