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Guadalupe: The New Message In Her Eyes

【Catholic Culture & Science】

Since the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe on a tilma in 1531, the image has been intensely studied by experts from all over the world. It contains many unsolved and unexplainable mysteries until this day. It is not until recent years, with the development of science and the help of the latest technology, that new undiscovered microscopic images in the eyes of Our Lady of Guadalupe have been revealed, leading to brand-new researches that convey a brand-new message.

The Human Figures in Her Eyes

How this simple piece of cloth has survived since 1531 remains a mystery but new discoveries continue to reveal incredible surprises. It all began in 1950 when a Mexican claimed that he discovered the image of a human head reflected in the pupil of Our Lady’s eye. No one took him seriously at the time until later, when a group of 15 eye specialists examined the image using powerful magnifying glasses. Using the scientific instruments available, they confirmed that the characteristics of the pupils correspond to those of a human being. They are not just blotches. Their discoveries defy all rational explanations.

In 1979, a US trained computer scanning expert, specialised in satellite imagery applied state of the art technology in attempt to solve the enigma. His findings confirmed the original conclusions of the eye specialists and go way beyond expectations. The eyes of the Virgin reflect the profiles of 13 people, which 12 of them can been seen in both eyes and all in the same position. The images in the eyes of Our Lady are the reflection of everything that was in the room where the miracle took place, just like in a photograph. According to the tradition, Juan Diego showed the image to the bishop to prove the appearance of the Virgin.

The New Message in Her Eyes

One of the experts who has been on this project for years is Dr Aste Tönsmann. His investigations have brought another important discovery to light, a message that has remained hidden for nearly 500 years. The latest technologies have revealed something else reflected in Our Lady’s eyes: a family. The figure of a mother is present at the center of both pupils, as though highlighting the central role of a mother in our society and the family. But the arrangement of the members of the family is different in the two eyes. In one image, the children are together. In the other, they are separate. The morphing technique involves transitioning the image in one eye to the image in the other eye. What they observed is that during the transition from one image to the other, as the figure of the father approaches the mother, the children also start to come together. This is the new message from Our Lady of Guadalupe. She wished to emphasize the importance of the family today, consisting of a father, a mother and children. There are also other figures reflected in the family nucleus besides the parents and children. Two other people stand in the background. Dr Tönsmann has identified them as the grandparents. These figures symbolized a plea against the dismissal of elderly people.

The hill of Tepeyac where Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in 1531 has always promoted a message of peace and mercy. We have now discovered these hidden images right at the time when families are under attack. The message of the family is particularly relevant. It is time her eyes tell us to strengthen and defend the Christian family.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Video


Source】Rome Report, "Guadalupe, The New Message In Her Eyes"

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