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"Cidade do Nome de Deus" Video

The Macao Catholic Culture Association has spent over a year’s time in preparing the “Cidade do Nome de Deus” an aerial view video, that showcases the Catholic churches in Macao. The video was released on 20th December, 2021 via the association’s official social media platforms. The date of the premiere is also the 22nd Anniversary of the Macao Special Administrative Region Establishment Day. The Macao Catholic Culture Association commits to continuing this mission of Sino-Western exchanges in the new era, to build a foundation of mutual understanding from a cultural perspective and to contribute to the future of Macao’s society.

As a meeting point between China and the West, Macao has always had a unique charm in the Chinese-speaking lands and even in the world. The missionary work of the Catholic Church in Macao has left a rich legacy in this beautiful city. Catholic churches with a rich and long history are found in various places in Macao. Many of these are listed in the UNESCO’s “World Heritage List”. Their presence illustrates the integration of Catholicism with local culture.

The “Cidade do Nome de Deus” aerial view video has used the most advanced aerial photography technology to capture 16 Catholic churches in Macao from the air. These churches were built between the 16th and the 20th centuries. The video allows the audience to view the “City of the Holy Name of God” (Cidade do Nome de Deus) from a different perspective, highlighting the city’s centuries-old cultural heritage that are derived from and inspired by Catholicism.


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