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To further promote and enhance the public’s awareness and understanding of Macao's Catholic intangible cultural heritage and Liturgical Feast, the Macao Catholic Cultural Association (ACCM) is pleased to present, sponsored by the Macao Foundation, the “Illustratio: Macao’s Catholic Intangible Cultural Heritage & Liturgical Feast Illustration Exhibition” and New Book Release.  Through the illustration drawn by our in-house illustrator, it hopes to present to the public the historical and cultural significance of fifteen key Catholic intangible cultural heritage & liturgical feasts of the Catholic Diocese of Macau.  The exhibition starts from October 21 to 30, 2022 at Rua Formosa No. 2B R/C Macau.  Highlights of the exhibition and the new book include:


Macao’s Catholic Intangible Cultural Heritage 
Procession of the Passion of Our Lord 
Procession of the Lord's Burial

Procession of Our Lady of Fatima

Procession of Saint Anthony 
Feast of Saint John the Baptist 
Procession of Saint Roque 
Solemnity of The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Macao’s Catholic Liturgical Feasts 
Memorial of Our Lady of China 
Solemnity of Saint Joseph 
Saint Catherine of Siena, Patron Saint of the Catholic Diocese of Macau 
The Corpus Christi Procession 
Memorial of Saint Elizabeth of Portugal 
All Souls’ Day 
Saint Francis Xavier, Patron Saint of the Catholic Diocese of Macau 

With over two thousand years of history and tradition, the Catholic Church offers a rich diversity of cultural heritage with its devotions, liturgy, processions and historical saints. Macao has many centuries of Catholic history and traditions that are not only important cultural heritages but also significant contributions to the local communities. 

The word ‘illustration’ is derived from the Latin word illustratio, which means “to enlighten”, to make the concepts clearer. The development of illustration art has a long history. In the West, the earliest history of illustrations can be found in religious manuscripts.  Christianity from its earliest days has recognized the value of the arts and has made wise use of their varied language to express her unvarying message of salvation.
The Macao Catholic Culture Association continues to explore the different artistic areas that are closely connected to the mission of the Catholic Church and cultures of the contemporary world. It hopes to build a foundation of mutual understanding from a cultural perspective, continuing this mission of Sino-Western exchanges in the new era.  Only by rooting ourselves in the past can we look forward to the future and continue the legacy in modern times.


|Exhibition Details|
Illustratio: Macao’s Catholic Intangible Cultural Heritage & Liturgical Feasts Illustration Exhibition
Date: October 21 to 30, 2022
Time: 10:00 – 18:00 Daily
Venue: Macao Catholic Culture Association, Rua Formosa N°. 2B R/C, Macau


|New Book Release|

The “Illustratio: Macao’s Catholic Intangible Cultural Heritage & Liturgical Feasts Illustration Book” is now for sale at ACCM office at Rua Formosa N°. 2B R/C. The Macao Catholic Culture Association is a registered non-profit organisation. Please do support us with your generosity!


|School Exhibition Tours| 
ACCM provides free loan service of the exhibits for schools.  Please contact us for more information (Tel: 2856 2247, Email:

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