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Catholicism has been in Macao for over four hundred years. This fact has enriched the city's artistic traditions and given them a historical character.  Although Macao has undergone major changes in the past, what remains unchanged are the historical relics left behind, as well as those long-lasting artistic, aesthetic, and colourful religious artifacts. 

Countless Catholic artworks have been produced in Macau throughout the centuries.  In the past two decades, sculptures on Catholic themes by Macao artist, Wong Ka Long, have become the most familiar to the public.  These include the statue of Matteo Ricci at the square of the Ruins of Saint Paul, the statue of Saint John Bosco at Jardim Municipal da Montanha Russa, or even the altar piece and the Stations of the Cross at the Chapel of the Holy Cross at University of Saint Joseph.  Wong Ka Long’s Catholic artworks demonstrate the integration of Catholic culture and arts, creating a unique art collection that attest to Sino-Western cultural exchanges and inheritance.

The “Culture of Encounter: Catholic Arts Exhibition by Wong Ka Long” organised by the Macao Catholic Culture Association and sponsored by the Macao Foundation, showcases the rich cultural heritage of Macao, the result of cultural exchange between the East and the West.  Just as Pope Francis said in the Encyclical Fratelli Tutti, we need to communicate with each other, to promote that which unites us, and welcome the good that comes from others’ experiences and culture.  Let encounter become a culture.

|Date|November 4, 2022 (Friday) until December 4, 2022 (Sunday)
|Time|10:00 to 18:00 Daily
|Venue|Macao Catholic Culture Association, Rua Formosa, No. 2B, R/C, Macao
|Enquiry|2856 2247 

Wong Ka Long

Macao artist Wong Ka Long was born in 1977 to an artist family. His father is a watercolour painter.  In 1996, Wong studied Sculpture at The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and earned a Master's Degree in 2003.  Raised in colonial times, Wong Ka Long has always had special sentiments for the integration of Chinese and Western cultures and history, which deeply inspired his future creations.


Since his return to Macao after graduation, Wong has been participating in numerous sculptural projects, and figure sculpture is his most popular work.  In 2010, he began collaborating with various Catholic organisations on Catholic sculptures and related creations.  By understanding the history of the saints and Catholic art and culture, Wong reveals in his artwork a unique interpretation of the Sino-Western cultural exchange that is derived from and inspired by Catholicism.


Wong’s works were collected by many organisations both locally and internationally, including the Culture Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government, St. Joseph's Seminary, University of Saint Joseph, Academia de Música S. Pio X in Macao, The Society of Jesus, Salesians of Don Bosco, Ricci Hall at University of Hong Kong, and Fu Jen Catholic University, etc.


Solo Exhibitions

2006    “Ka Long Sketches", Education Resource Centre, Macao

2013    “In Good Season – Works by Wong Ka Long”, AFA, Macao

2017    “Armed Culture or Cultural Arms - Helmet Series by Wong Ka Long”, AFA, Macao

Sculpture Projects

1999    "Portuguese Poet Camões", Macao Carmó Church Garden

2002   "Nightingale", Macao Keng Wu Hospital

2010    "Don Bosco", Garden of Municipal da Montanha Russa and Hong Kong Tang King Po College

2010    "Matteo Ricci", Square of the Runis of St Paul's, St. Joseph Seminary, Ricci Hall at University of Hong Kong, Fu Jen Catholic University etc,

2010    "Taking to the Air", Celebrating Anniversary of the Macao International Airport

2011      "Ye Ting's family", General Ye Ting's Former Residence, Macao

2011      "Maonan Girl", Grand Taipa, Macao

2013     "Chui Tak Kei", Tung Sin Tong Historical Archive Exhibition Hall, Macao

2015     "Professor Jao Tsung-I", Jao Tsung-I Academy, Macao

2017      Altar and Via Dolorosa at the Chapel of the Holy Cross at the University of Saint Joseph. 

2017     "Saint Joseph", St. Joseph's Seminary, Church of Saint Joseph University, Colégio Diocesano de São José, Macao

2019    "Saint Ignatius", Colegio Mateus Ricci, Macao

2022    "Pope Pius X" and "Padre Aureo Castro Nunes e Castro", Academia de Música S. Pio X, Macao

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