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Our Aims


To promote Catholic culture


To support the preservation of Catholic architecture and cultural relics


To organise Catholic cultural promotions and activities


To edit and publish materials that are beneficial to achieving its aims

Latest News

Cultural Topics

Culture is a social and historical phenomenon, the product of human activity through many centuries, and a deposit of human society and history.  Through exploring these diverse cultural topics: “Catholic Cultural Heritage”, “Catholic Culture and Art”, “Catholic Culture and Science” and “Religious Cultural Exchange”, one is able to understand and treasure its valuable history and worth.

Video Series

This “Living in Faith” short video series aims to reveal authentic Christian lives lived by local Macau faithful and through their witness, experience Christ in the local Catholic culture.   

The “Heaven in Daily Instalments” video series hopes to lead the audiences to the path of holiness through the sanctification of their daily lives and ‘lay up for themselves treasures in heaven’ (cf Matthew 6:20).

About Us

The Macao Catholic Culture Association hopes to promote this rich historical Catholic culture in Macao encompassing two thousand years of Catholic Church tradition and four hundred years of Catholic culture and tradition in Macao.

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