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Bishop's Message


As meeting point between China and the West, Macau has always had a unique charm in the Chinese-speaking lands and even in the world. The cultural elements related to spiritual civilization, such as religion, economy, music, philosophy, science, technology, literature, and fine arts, have continued to penetrate and influence both cultures to this day.


Were we to define the Chinese and Western cultural traditions of Macau, it is actually the universal values brought by Catholic missionaries over the past four centuries, values that are derived from and inspired by Catholicism.  This humanistic sentiment is inclusive, not exclusive.  The architectural styles, local customs, values, Catholic processions and devotions are seen in various places in Macau. Their presence illustrates the integration of Catholicism with local culture, and the mission of the Catholic Church in respect of mutual communication. We have seen the establishment of social relief institutions relying on the spirit of the gospel, from the past Saint-Raphael Hospital to the various Catholic schools and social welfare institutions that are still in operation, which shows that charity does not distinguish between races, skin colour, gender, language, religion, politics,  different opinions, nationality or social origin.


The missionary work of the Catholic Church in Macau has left a rich legacy in this beautiful city. The establishment of the Macao Catholic Culture Association aims to promote dialogue, to build a foundation of mutual understanding from a cultural perspective, continuing this mission of Sino-Western exchanges in the new era, and to contribute to the future of Macau’s society. When we see beautiful things around us, let us pause and appreciate all the good and beautiful things with which God has rewarded all mankind.


May the Lord bless us all.


Bishop Stephen Lee

Chairman of Macao Catholic Culture Association

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