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“Living in Faith” Video Series 100,000 Views Celebration

Since its broadcast, the “Living in Faith” video series by the Macao Catholic Culture Association (ACCM) has surpassed 100,000 views.  To celebrate this milestone together with the release of the limited edition of “Living in Faith” video USB, a Thanksgiving Mass was held in Sé Cathedral on October 14, 2022, by His Excellency, Bishop Stephen Lee Bun Sang, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Macao and Chairman of ACCM.

The “Living in Faith” video series aims to reveal the Christian lives lived by local Macao faithful who, through their witness, help people experience authentic local Catholic culture.  The casting of each episode has its own characteristics, including local Catholics of different occupations, races, and ages which shows that Catholic culture and charity are indifferent.  The filming crew went to different places in Macao to shoot the scenes, from the famous Catholic cultural heritage site to the Catholic institutions, capturing rich Catholic sentiments and memories.  In line with contemporary new media, this new series integrates the historical characteristics of Macao’s Catholic culture into modern new media culture, and the collective memories derived from Catholic culture can be seen from a new perspective.

After the Thanksgiving Mass, the Bishop presented the limited edition of “Living in Faith” video USB to the protagonists and a commemorative photo was taken.  The limited edition of “Living in Faith” video USB is available for sale at ACCM (Address: Rua Formosa No. 2B R/C, Macau), and the income serves as a support to the mission of ACCM, a registered non-profit organisation in Macao.

Meanwhile, the “Living in Faith” short video series will also be broadcasted in Canada via the various platforms of the Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation.  These include major Canadian television network channels, social media, online streaming media service “Salt + Light Plus”.  “Salt + Light Plus” is available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV network set-top boxes.  Thank you for your continuous support towards ACCM’s mission!

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